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“Husband and Wife Heart Touching Love Story”

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Husband comes home drunk and breaks some crockery, vomits n falls down on d floor. Wife pulls him up and cleans everything. Next day wen he gets up he expects her to be really angry with him. He prays that the...

A Middle Class Boy Asks His High Class Girlfriend Cute love story

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A Middle Class Boy Asks His High Class Girlfriend If I Go Very Poor ,Will You Accept Me...??? Girl Hugs Him And Says I Am Always With You... Boy: If A Very Rich Boy Proposes You ? Girl Kissed The Boy And S...

Crying For Her Heart Touching Love Story

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A boy and a girl Loved each other very much. Unfortunately the Girl Died.. Boy was Upset so much; and he couldn’t Stop his Tears. … …He kept on Crying Day and Night.. Many People gave Sympathy, but no A...

school girl did shocking thing in internet cafe..what she did was unbelievable…watch until climax you will be shocked.

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If you believe your friendship must read the heart touching story

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నమ్మకం అంటే ఇదేనేమో లేక ప్రేమ అంటే ఇదేనేమో సైన్యంలో ఇద్దరు ప్రాణ స్నేహితులున్నారు. యుద్ధం జరుగుతుండగా తూటా తగిలి వాళ్ళలో ఒకరు నేలకొరిగిపోయాడు. తన స్నేహితుణ్ణి ఆ స్థితిలో చూసేసరికి మరో సైనికుడికి గుండెను పిండేసే బ...

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